The personal back story of our founders

Griffin Fisch

I have always had a great passion for technology. However, it is also true that I live in a country where its technological advancements are not up to par with the rest of the world.  While blaming my circumstances or the country that I live in would be an easy escape, history and present-day is full of stories of people who overcame their adversity to become leaders of industry. Steve Jobs, an American business magnate and the co-founder of Apple Inc. once said, “it’s only when you look back that you can connect the dots”. My story is full of dots. All of which has led me to where I am today; on the verge of launching my first tech company. Some dots are blurry and some are full of adversity, but looking back, the latter are the ones that contributed the most to my character. Today, I am wiser because of the lessons that came with them.

To be honest, I had a few great ideas over the years. However, for a while, nothing went according to plan. I gave up. I slipped back into the comforts of the social scene, and my ideas and plans quickly took a back seat to everything else. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote “A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature” and nothing rings truer. During this time, I managed to build friendships that will last a lifetime. I was able to find people who are not family members, but I can still rely on. Nevertheless, while I appreciate the friendships I have made, I have also come to realize that most of my friends were building their lives both personally and professionally, and I was just waiting on the next party.

The greatest awakening happened the day my daughter was born. On that day, my mental perception of reality changed and I found my “WHY”. Before my daughter was born, I was content with just getting by. I got too comfortable in the fact that I will always have a bed to sleep on and a plate of food waiting for me at home. My daughter changed all that. With her arrival, I realized that I had someone I was responsible for, someone that would depend on me and look up to me. I knew I had to start working harder because the reality is that I would never be able to forgive myself If I did not do everything I could and more to ensure she has the best life possible.

I had to dig deep to find something within myself that I thought I had lost forever. I found myself, my passion, my creativity, and everything else that kept me from giving up, and just like that, Homenet was born. I had to divide my time between doing little jobs to keep head above water and working on Homenet. It took more than two years to get to where I am now, on the verge of launching my app. For some, it might seem like a long time, but for me, it was time I needed to grow and mature with my idea. Today I can say there is nothing better than having visualized something and seeing it become a reality and turns out even better than you expected.

 One of my favorite quotes is “Those who can see the invisible can create the impossible”. Sometimes you have to change your approach but never give up on something you believe in. Be adaptable, and be relentless in the pursuit of your goals. Keep on knocking on every door someone will eventually open and welcome you and your crazy ideas.

How I met Anthony,

I have a Twitter account, but I do not fit the profile of your typical Tweeter. I had 23 followers, and apart from a few tweets and comments I hardly ever used it. You can understand my surprise when I got a notification from a new follower called HappinessIsaGamble. I followed back, to which I got a DM “Appreciate the follow”. I read his bio, took my shot, and today he is my partner. He took a chance on me even though I am halfway around the globe. Nothing amuses me compared to the surprise that takes over people’s facial expression every time I tell them this story. “How the hell did you manage to get someone to invest in you without at least having a conversation with you over the phone?”  They all ask.  HONESTY. That is the answer.

There were many times I could have lied about my qualifications or inflated the number of Agents that I have already signed up, but I chose to take the road less traveled by taking the chance of losing out with integrity rather than gaining with deceit. Often, we hear that Investors invest in people, I know what it is meant by that, but to truly understand it you have to experience it for yourself. Right off the bat, Anthony recognized that I had a great idea, but was still understandably skeptical because I was someone who he has never met and on a different continent. Simply put, we’re strangers. I wanted him to be my partner because it is not often that you find someone who does not have time, but still took out the time to research your proposal. I can distinctly remember the response being that our population is about 2.4 million people on roughly the size of Texas, even the number of people in my town Rehoboth. 

I had a great idea, but there wasn’t enough of ME in the deal. I decided to make it personal and get to know Anthony. I took an interest in what he does, and how he started. In addition, I wanted to tell him more about myself. I knew in order for him to trust me, I had to tell him everything including my darkest personal truths. I did not mind doing this because my goals and ambitions were bigger than saving face. I am happy to say that this sealed the deal, but it was only when I asked him to get his wife, Anne’s thoughts on the idea that we really got over the line. We men will never admit it, but deep down we know who runs the world! This is just as personal for me as it is business because if you knew me, you’d know that my family got a little bigger.

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